Supported Work and Volunteer

Supported Work

The Supported Work program offered through the Clubhouse supports members to participate in casual work in a community setting. Work is contracted by the agency and is carried out by the participants of the program with on-site support from staff. Participants are paid a training wage (no less than minimum wage) using income from the work. Types of jobs include seasonal work such as lawn cutting and yard clean up. We also have a long-standing agreement with the City of Langley to deliver public hearing notices on an as needed basis.

The Volunteer program offered through the Clubhouse supports members to find and maintain volunteer work. There are numerous volunteer opportunities throughout the community at non-profit organizations. Participants may be eligible to receive an honorarium through the Therapeutic Volunteer Program (TVP) .

Participation in the Supported Work and Volunteer programs helps people develop basic work skills, increase confidence, gain work experience and connect with the community For many it can be a transition to employment.