The Clubhouse provides a welcoming, supportive community for individuals living with a mental illness and referred through Langley Mental Health. Programs facilitate recovery by assisting individuals to access opportunities to live, learn, work and socialize in their community. There are opportunities for people to develop skills, build confidence and improve quality of life in areas of personal life, pre-employment, education and leisure. Individuals attending the Clubhouse are called members. Being a member as compared to being a client, creates a sense of belonging and gives individuals an opportunity to make significant contributions to the Clubhouse, its programs and their community. Members are involved in the planning, implementing and evaluation of programs. Some program areas include:

  • Food Services
    Members and staff work together to prepare lunches five days a week and dinner on Friday evenings. Members have an opportunity to purchase these nutritious meals at a minimal cost. Participation provides members with opportunities to participate in activities that help them structure their time, maintain or develop skills and build confidence.
  • Communications
    The Communications area provides members with access to computers. The computers are used for clubhouse projects, as well as for personal, educational and employment related activities .A primary activity in the Communication area is basic computer lessons. Access to the Internet and e-mail are also popular activities on the computers. The Grapevine, is a member produced in-house newsletter that displays the creative work of members in a newsletter form. Contributions include drawings, photography, poetry, creative wring, journalism, games, comics and computer art.
  • Maintenance
    The Maintenance Program provides members with opportunities to participate in activities that help them structure their time, maintain or develop skills and build confidence. The on-going upkeep of the clubhouse both inside and outside is a responsibility shared by staff and members.
  • Clubhouse
  • Craft Group
    The Craft Group meets twice a week and provides members with opportunities to structure their time, learn and maintain skills and build confidence. In addition it provides a very important social network . This productive group works on a variety of projects that include knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, card making, jewellery making and Christmas crafts.
    The Craft Group holds an Annual Sale and some of the proceeds are used to purchase equipment and supplies for the group.
  • Healthy Lifestyles
    At the clubhouse several programs are offered that support members to make healthy lifestyle choices. These programs focus on various aspects of a healthy lifestyle such as nutrition, physical activity and quit smoking groups. We try to offer a balance of education and opportunities for people to put in to practice what they have learned. Some examples are, Community Kitchen, Harvest Box, Walking Group and Breathing Easy
  • Toastmasters
    Stepping Up Speakers started in November of 2006 and is a chartered group with Toastmasters International. Chartering means individuals are able to compete in speech competitions if the club chooses, as well as attend official functions to further public speaking knowledge. Stepping Up Speakers Toastmaster group provides members with an opportunity to improve their public speaking skills and build confidence.
  • Social/Recreation
    The Clubhouse provides many opportunities for members to socialize and to participate in a variety of recreational activities both in-house and in the community . Some of these include, bowling , a walking group, photography, swimming, fitness and community outings. We have recently started a Young Adults group which is specifically designed to provide opportunities for young people to get together with their peers and participate in social /recreation activities.