Community Living Support (CLS) and Supported Independent Living (SIL)

CLS/SIL meeting

Programs provide support for individuals who are living in the community or who will soon be residing in the community. Community Support Workers assist clients to work towards self-directed goals. Services range from long-term supports for some individuals such as setting up weekly menus, assisting with cooking, budgeting, establishing a daily routine, medication compliance, appointments and general observations. Other individuals may be referred for short-term assistance to accomplish specific goals, such as securing an apartment and moving.

The Supported Independent Living (SIL) Program is designed for people who are about to leave hospital, a residential facility or moving out on their own for the first time. A rent subsidy along with Community Living Support services is available.

Training Apartment

CLS/SIL shopping

The Training Apartment helps individuals determine their readiness for independent living and practice life skills prior to leaving a residential setting or family home. It provides an opportunity for people to develop or build upon skills required for independent living. Referrals and assessments are done by the Occupational Therapist at Langley Mental Health and support is provided by a Community Support Worker.